Tying The Redfish Crack Fly For Spooky Redfish

Captain Gibson of Fly Fish Rockport is back. This installment, he will be showing you how he ties his Redfish Crack fly. This has grown to become a very popular fly pattern for redfish throughout the country. You can tie this fly in a variety of colors, sizes and weights to suit your conditions.

But in this video, Captain Gibson show you how he likes to tie the Redfish Crack for skinny water and calm water conditions. This version is a bit lighter than others, as well as a bit more subtle in color. Summertime redfish can be a little finicky. So this fly is one of his “go to” patterns for those conditions.

This pattern has become increasingly popular with flats fisherman. Whether it be for Redfish on the flats of Texas, or Bonefish on the flats of Key West, this fly will get it done.

For more information about this fly pattern, or other favorites from Fly Fish Rockport fly fishing guides, visit our flies page.