Tying G’s Black Crab for Fall and Winter Redfish

Captain Gibson is back with another one of his favorite redfish fly patterns. As we continue into Fall, and very soon Winter, this is a go to pattern for Capt. Gibson, as well as all of our other Fly Fish Rockport fishing guides.

As our waters begin to cool a bit more in the fall, many of our sea grasses begin to die or go dormant. Many of them will turn brown and eventually float away with the tides, leaving clean mud or sand bottom behind. This black crab fly is easily seen by both the angler and the fish, making it a favorite of both this time of year.

For more information about this fly pattern, or other favorites from Fly Fish Rockport fly fishing guides, visit our flies page on our website: https://www.flyfishrockport.com/experience/saltwater-flies/

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