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Rockport Fishing Report – April 19th

A little later than planned, but here is your Rockport fishing report for mid April and Southwest Texas fly fishing. Spring is most certainly here, and all that comes with it. Maybe we should just say, all the wind that comes with it? So in this Rockport fishing report we will discuss the wind, as well as everything else we are seeing out there these days. Fly fishing in Southwest Texas has been good lately. Some days great. Some days... not as much. But overall, it is fishing really well. We are finding tails with consistency. Schooling fish as well. Good topwater action many days, and all else that

Rockport Fishing Report – April 1st, 2018

Happy Easter to all, and welcome to your first Rockport fishing report for April. We are hoping everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. Many were on the water, taking advantage of the nice weather. Others chose to be with family and friends hunting for Easter eggs, rather than tails. All are correct choices on this day. But we will focus on the Southwest Texas fly fishing end of things now, for this Rockport fishing report on this first day of April. The fishing this past week was very good. Possibly even very very good. Some days, it was just a bit tough to tell, with all that wind blowing. We

Rockport Fishing Report – March 26th, 2018

Here is another Rockport fishing report for the Southwest Texas Coast and waters in and around Rockport, Texas. It has been another busy week since our last report. So we will do our best to get everyone up to speed with what we have seen the past couple of days and hope to see for the days ahead. So here goes your Rockport fishing report for the fleeting days of March. The fishing has continued to improve, as expected, with the consistently warmer weather. The cooler days and nights seem to be a thing of the past, finally. So the warmer weather has continued to warm the water throughout

Rockport Fishing Report – March 17th, 2018

We are finally back around to another Rockport fishing report for the middle of March. We are back from the Fly Fishing Brew Fest in Plano, TX and have multiple boats on the water every day this week. So we are here to update you on what we are seeing/have seen this past week. The Rockport fishing report is improving by the week and should continue to for the foreseeable future. After a quick weekend spent indoors in Plano last weekend, it was great to be on the water again this week. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as willing to cooperate. Monday and Tuesday were cloudy and windy, making it

Rockport Fishing Report – March 4th, 2018

March is finally here, so we are catching up with another Rockport fishing report. We will recap how we ended the month of February, and also what we have been seeing in these first few days of March out on the flats. It's been a busy weekend around here, so we hope this Rockport fishing report sheds some light on what we expect in the week to come. First and foremost, it is finally warmer around here. Thank goodness!!! A comfortable 75 degrees is now the trend most days on the water. This is far better than the crap we've endured throughout this unusually rough Winter. So we say

Rockport Fishing Report – February 19th, 2018

It's time for another Rockport fishing report. We will fill you in on what we saw on the water the past few days, as well as what we expect for the coming week ahead. Spring weather is finally here, we think/hope. So hopefully our Rockport fishing reports continue to improve as we move ahead. The past week fished pretty decent. Nothing outstanding really, but not terrible either. The weather still seems to be the biggest story on most days. We have been stuck in a warm weather pattern as of late. Unfortunately, this has also brought fog and clouds our way. Most mornings have been cloudy, foggy and damp.

Rockport Fishing Report – February 11th, 2018

Here is your updated Rockport fishing report for early February. Things have started to improve a little bit, when the weather allows. But we still have a little ways to go, before we see our excellent Spring fishing. But this Rockport fishing report is certainly better than our last. The weather is still the focal point of this Rockport fishing report. We will sneak in a couple of nicer days here and there. Unfortunately, those have been closely followed by another cold front and overnight temps in the upper 30's. As we write this, we are watching it rain and listening to a stout North breeze at 25+ miles

Texas Strong, Rockport Resilient

As we all know, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on August 25th, 2017. According to latest estimates, it inflicted approximately $125 billion worth of damage, making it the costliest hurricane on record. What’s worse is it changed cities, communities, and lives; including many in Rockport, Texas. Perform a simple “Google” search today, almost five months later, and your feed will fill with words like “devastation”, “destruction”, and “destroyed”. However, the media tends to move on quickly to the next tragedy, and stories of incredible recovery efforts, people getting back on their feet, and communities rebuilding and welcoming tourism back to their towns quickly gets lost in

Rockport Fishing Report – January 22nd, 2018

After a weekend of decent weather, FINALLY... Here is your Rockport fishing report for the week. We are in fact seeing signs of improvement here on the Gulf Coast. The weather is making the move toward "normal", and we have actually been able to get out on the water again to update this Rockport fishing report. Last week hampered us again with crazy cold temps, clouds and plenty of North wind. So much so, that we weren't even able to get out on the water Monday through Friday. That makes for a pretty long week. So we continued to watch the water levels and temps fall all week. Our water

Rockport Fishing Report – January 12th, 2018

We are approaching the halfway point for the month of January and it's time for another Rockport fishing report. So far, the weather has still been the biggest story all along the Gulf Coast. Winter apparently feels the need to smack us around a bit more than normal this year. So this isn't exactly the rosiest of Rockport fishing reports. But it's not all bad either. We have still been trying to fight through a number of days with record low temperatures here on the Coastal Bend of Texas. We survived a very wet December, and even the first snow we had seen in years. But this brutal cold is