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Tanya showing off her first redfish on the fly

Got out for a few hours this morning to check out a little new water and try a few new flies I tied. The wind was calm, which was nice. Unfortunately some cloud cover would come and go, making visibility pretty tough. Despite that, we did see a bunch of reds laid up shallow in the grass and a couple of tailers. Tanya got this guy throwing in shallow to the grass. He gave her a heck of a fight, spooling her on her 7wt… twice. This was her first redfish on a fly. All in all, not a bad day.

Fishing continues to be pretty good. Especially on the days with good light. There are still lots of fish cruising the flats shallow and foraging for shrimp in the grass. Black Drum are starting to creep around in better numbers and the trout are still willing to crash flies on the surface. Expect fishing to remain strong, as the water temps also are holding fairly consistent. Just watch for that North wind.