Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to another Rockport Fishing Report. We thought it would be nice to give you a quick update, as we head into the weekend here on the Texas Coast. So here is what we are seeing out on the flats this week and for the days to come.

Fishing has remained strong throughout this week. We’ve had boats out every day and all are catching fish. We were chased off the water early on Tuesday with a legit Thunderstorm are crazy winds. But the rest of the days have been just fine. Although we wouldn’t mind a little friendlier weather around here.

The fish are doing their thing. It’s the seeing them part that has been a bit tougher. We are a little light on sunshine around here lately. Not exactly ideal for us sight fisherman. But not a deal breaker either. Just a bit trickier.

Luckily, we are finding multiple schools of fish every day now. So our guides have been spending some time on those, as they are a bit easier to see in the tough light conditions. Some will be tailing, if they are in shallow enough. But most are just deep enough that you likely aren’t going to see their tails. But they are there and doing their thing.

Most of the schools are between 15-25 fish. But some larger ones have been seen as well. And don’t be surprised to see some hardheads in with them. Tis the season. We’ve also been boating trout every day out of these same schools. Nothing like casting into a large school of redfish, and coming away with a 14″ trout. Ugh. But they are still fun as well.

There are cruising fish, bank crashers and such as well. But they have been tough to see with the light conditions we’ve had all week. Some are shallow enough you will see them easily, but with the higher tides we have right now, that isn’t always the case. So we’ve preferred the schools we are finding, then filling in the blanks as we can with the solo fish.

For flies, we are kinda running the usual. Shrimp and crab patterns are easily eaten right now. Schools or solo fish, doesn’t really matter. They will get after it. Topwater stuff is great as well, if you are nearer those schools. Any of those fish will come up on a small topwater fly. Shrimpy looking stuff is preferred. Most of the flies have been a little on the smaller side still, that are working the best. Just matching what these fish are digging in the grass for around here right now. But still, with as many schools as we are seeing, it’s not hard to get the fly eaten once its in front of them. No matter what it is. And as always, you can check out a few of our favorite flies here.

We have boats out both days this weekend and all of next week. However we are looking at some interesting weather for Sunday and Monday. So we will wait and see if that simmers down some and allows us to get out still. But the rest of the week is looking just fine, so will report back later in the week with an update to our Rockport Fishing Report.

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