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The Rockport Fishing Report is your source for current fly fishing conditions near Rockport, TX and the surrounding waters.

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – May 9th

Welcome to the first Rockport Fishing Report for the month of May. Sorry we are a few days later than usual to update, but we've been busy out on the water every day. But we are catching up and here to fill you in on what we we've been seeing out on the flats the past few days and what we expect for the week to come. Spring fishing is in full force here on the Texas flats. And it's really darn good right now. Tis the season for schooling redfish. We're talking big schools of fish going completely nuts pretty much all day long. All kinds of fun.

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – April 21st

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to another Rockport Fishing Report. We thought it would be nice to give you a quick update, as we head into the weekend here on the Texas Coast. So here is what we are seeing out on the flats this week and for the days to come. Fishing has remained strong throughout this week. We've had boats out every day and all are catching fish. We were chased off the water early on Tuesday with a legit Thunderstorm are crazy winds. But the rest of the days have been just fine. Although we wouldn't mind a little friendlier weather around here. The fish are

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – April 17th

It's the start of a new week and time for an update to our Rockport Fishing Report. We've made it to the middle of April already, and things have been looking up for the past week. Hopefully Spring is here to stay this time and the fishing will continue to get better and better. All last week the weather was great. Sunday was a bit on the blowy side, with wind gusts reported up to and over 40 mph. But the rest of the week was outstanding. Sun, light winds and comfortable temps made for a really nice week on the water. We had a bunch of boats out

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – April 9th

Another quick update to our Rockport Fishing Report for early April here. The weather improved quicker than expected, so we were able to get a bunch of boats out this weekend. So here is what we were seeing out there the past couple of days, and looking forward to this week. At the time of our last report, things were pretty grim. We were looking at a pretty nasty cold front with heavy winds, rain and temps as low as the upper 40's. While we did get a pretty solid punch from the weather, it really wasn't as bad as anticipated. And it ended up blowing through by Friday

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – April 5th

Just a quick update to our Rockport Fishing Report for folks, as we have gotten quite a few calls and messages asking for info. But yes, we do have a bit of a weather problem for the next few days. So here is where we are at, and what we see headed forward, in the near future for fly fishing in Rockport and the surrounding area. As this is being written, it is pouring rain outside. This started mid afternoon down here on the coast, and will be with us for a good while. As it stands now, we have had to cancel all of our trips through Saturday.

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – April 1st

It's the first of a new month and time for a fresh Rockport fishing report. April is here, and hopefully some better weather than we saw for most of March. It's Spring fishing time on the Texas Coast! After another handful of crap weather days earlier this week, we were able to get a bunch of boats out on the water again today. The winds were light and even had the sun burn through for the majority of the day out there. Not a bad way to start April. Hopefully the coming days play nice as well. The reports from our boats today were solid. Schooling fish, tails, some

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – March 15th

Another quick update to our Rockport Fishing Report for the middle of March. It's Spring Break week here on the coast, which means the weather is going to suck. Always seems to work out that way. But here is what we are seeing out there. After a very nice weekend last weekend, where we had all of our boats on the water, we have had a few days off here this week. In fact, we've canceled everything from Monday through this coming Sunday already. The weather is complete crap. Cooler, strong North winds, rain, lightning and who know what else. But the really bad stuff doesn't start until Friday.

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – March 6th

Here is a quick update to our Rockport Fishing Report for early March. Things are picking up, with all the Spring weather. So we wanted to update everyone on what we are seeing on the flats around Rockport and the Central Texas Coast. This past weekend fished fairly well. Not great, but solid. We had a decent front blow through late last week. North winds in the area were clocked at over 60 mph Thursday evening. We never saw any rain or really cold air, but waking up to 50 degrees was certainly a change of pace. It seemed like it was a bit of a shock to the

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – February 27th

Tomorrow is the last day of February. So we wanted to end the month right, by FINALLY updating our damn Rockport Fishing Report! We've been busy since our last report. Or maybe slacking a little too? Either way, here is what we are seeing out on the flats on the Texas Coast as of today. First off, Spring is definitely here. Warmer air temps and a bit of humidity have returned to the Texas Coastal Bend. We are loving it. And honestly, so are the fish. We're hoping that we have seen the last of the cold weather for the year here. Not that we won't see a few

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Thank you to each and everyone of you for making 2022 another great year down here on the Texas Coast. Many fish were caught. And maybe even a couple lost here or there. But good times were had by all for sure and we thank you for making that possible. 2023 is now underway, with fish already in the boat. We look forward to continuing this trend and having you back down on the water with us again soon. Join the Fly Fish Rockport newsletter to get future Fishing Reports right in your inbox.