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The Rockport Fishing Report is your source for current fly fishing conditions near Rockport, TX and the surrounding waters.

Rockport Fishing Report – April 16th

Week number two of April is in the books. So we are updating our Rockport Fishing Report. Here is a little recap of what we have seen the past few days on the Texas flats, and what we expect for the coming week. Spring fishing is here in full force. So this is a much improved Rockport fishing report, over weeks past. So it is finally starting to look like Spring out there... for the most part. The past few days have really turned on, fishing wise. Not that it was bad before really. But the past few days have been pretty darn good out there. Certainly there a

Rockport Fishing Report – April 10th

Here is your second Rockport fishing report for the month of April. It's finally feeling like Spring around here. April has not disappointed, for those out here on the Texas flats. The weather has improved. The fishing is improving. And all things are looking up for the month of April. The past week or so has been pretty good around the Texas Coast. Our weather is finally acting a bit more normal. Daytime temps are in the 80 degree zone, which is about right. Winds have been pretty manageable, for the most part. Maybe even a bit better than average for this time of year? But not too bad,

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – April 2nd

Welcome to your first Rockport fishing report for the month of April. March ended on a little bit of a high note... for the most part. Hopefully April will finally warm up a bit more for us and kick the Spring fishing into high gear. But for now, this Rockport fishing report will cover what we've seen in the past week and what we expect for the coming days. Since our last report, things had begun to warm up a fair bit. Sunnier skies, warmer temps and reasonable winds had been common place as we were closing out the month of March. With the improvement in weather, we did

Texas Flats Fishing Report – March 23rd

Time for an updated Texas flats fishing report. We are wrapping up the second, and lighter, week of Spring Break around here. Still a busy week, but still much more mellow than last week. But tomorrow will bring that to a close, and things will return to normal down along the Texas Coast. So here is a recap of what we've been seeing this week, and what we hope to see out there next week as well. Our week started out with a bit more of the same. Cloudy, a little wind, blah blah blah. Not terrible, but still not feeling like Spring in South Texas really. We were

Texas Coast Fly Fishing Report – March 18th

Here is your Texas Coast fly fishing report for Rockport, Texas and the waters surrounding. Week one of Spring Break is in the books, and all was pretty mellow. The upcoming week is another Spring Break week, but far more calm typically. So not much to worry about there. But we will fill you in on what we saw this week, and what we expect for the coming week as well. We are still really struggling to find our Spring weather down here on the Southwest Texas Coast. This past week was another one filled with cloudy weather, showers and wind. Just as the past weekend approached, a full

Southwest Texas Fly Fishing Report – March 8

Here is the first fly fishing report for the flats near Rockport and the Southwest Texas Coast. We will fill you in on what we've been seeing this past week, and make our predictions for what you can expect for the week to come. Spring is here... well, sorta. But where is our Spring fishing?!?! The past week or so brought quite a bit more of the same. Clouds, fog, mist, rain and wind were again the norm. An added bonus early this week, we had a nasty cold front blow through. When we woke up to hit the water Monday morning, we had air temps around 34 degrees.

Rockport Fishing Report – February 25th

Here is your last February fishing report for the Southwest Texas Coast, and waters in and around the Rockport area. It's the end of a pretty lousy month around here, and quite honestly, we couldn't be happier to see it go. We are ready for Spring around here. Maybe that will actually happen in March?!?! It was another long dreary week last week. As has been the norm lately, we did sneak in a few hours of sun here or there. But nothing worth getting too excited about. For the most part, we were stuck with more clouds, fog, rain, mist and a few days a bit on the

Rockport Fishing Report – February 17th

The week is over, and it's time for another fishing report for Rockport, Texas and other surrounding waters. We have reached mid February, and hopefully the end of our Winter down here on the Texas Coast. We are ready for some Spring fishing around here! We had another pretty interesting week around these parts. Plenty of foggy mornings and cloudy days for us again. We just can't seem to kick this trend around here. That being said, we did see the sun a little bit later in the work week. And it was about darn time too. We were starting to wonder if we would ever see it again.

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – February 8th

Week one of February is in the books, so it's time for another Rockport Fly Fishing report. We will do our best to fill you in on what we've been seeing out there since our last fishing report. Also, do our best to predict the future. Or at least try to give a little direction for the upcoming weekend, and week following. This month got underway in interesting fashion down here in Southwest Texas. We've been stuck in a bit of a weather rut around here. Warm temps and very light winds have been camping on us for quite a while now. This means lots of fog. In fact,

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – February 1st

February is here, and finally another fishing report for Rockport, Texas and the surrounding waters. We have been slacking like crazy around here on the web type stuff. Very sorry for that. Instead of keeping our fishing reports and social media stuff cranking in high gear, we have opted for writing code and working on a bunch of more in depth web type projects. YUCK!!! But, alas, we are back and here to update you on what we are seeing out there on the Texas flats. Since our last report, way too long ago, things have actually remained pretty consistent. Winter finally set in on us a little bit.