It’s the first of a new month and time for a fresh Rockport fishing report. April is here, and hopefully some better weather than we saw for most of March. It’s Spring fishing time on the Texas Coast!

After another handful of crap weather days earlier this week, we were able to get a bunch of boats out on the water again today. The winds were light and even had the sun burn through for the majority of the day out there. Not a bad way to start April. Hopefully the coming days play nice as well.

The reports from our boats today were solid. Schooling fish, tails, some bank crashers and even a few jacks were seen out there today. All of our boats managed to get fish to the boat, some in very good numbers.

Tides are a little lower than average, but not a problem. Still plenty of water to get into most spots we are wanting to get in. We had decent water movement out there as well, losing a good few inches in the morning. But it all came back before we packed it in for the afternoon. So the fish were appreciating all the moving water for sure.

There was a variety of flies used today. One boat stuck to the black/purple crab all day without a problem. Others went to a bit more shrimpy option. But all were eaten without too much pause. A topwater would’ve worked well for the tails and schooling fish. Maybe something we will make happen out there tomorrow. As always, you can check out our ever changing fly selection here. Never know what we have going on out there. But promise it WILL NOT be a stupid Clouser!!!

More boats headed out tomorrow. Looking like more of the same all this week. Although it looks like we may start seeing a bit more of that Spring wind out there. Tis the season. But nothing bad enough to keep us off the water.

So let us know if you would like to get out on the water. We can make it happen next week, or beyond. And of course we are always prepared for those last second trips as well.

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