Echo Prime Fly Rods

So as a Captain and Guide, I have a lot of people ask what gear I prefer, am using or maybe keep in my boat. And I am one of those guides that believes there are no secrets out on the water. I am more than happy to share what I am using, where I am using it and how I am using it. This goes for my selection in flies, leaders, lines, water and of course fly rods. If I can help someone else be successful out there, then perfect. And on that note, I thought I would spend a moment and share what I have in my boat

Welcome Hook and Gaff Watch Company

I am pumped to announce that I am now on the Hook and Gaff Watch Company pro staff. Hook and Gaff have taken the time and effort to develop the finest watches out there, with fisherman first and foremost in their minds. The watches are waterproof, scratch proof and include the moon phases. All in a sleek design. I am looking forward to working with Hook and Gaff in the coming years to continue to drive product improvements and design of these killer watches. I'll be rocking one on the water every day for sure. For more information, you can click on this link: Hook and Gaff Watch Company

New Under Armour Fishing Gear

Yay for new gear!!! A shipment of new Under Armour Fishing gear arrived the other day. Excited to get all the new gear for 2016. This will be year two for me in Under Armour Fishing apparel. So far, the stuff is amazing. And this year, they've added even more fly fishing type gear. More button downs, more techy shirts, hoody shirts, etc. And I am loving it all. For that matter, all the Under Armour stuff I have been rocking has been great; running shoes, flip flops, street wear, outerwear, etc. Really digging everything I have thus far. And I am looking forward to continuing to work with them

Under Armour Fishing

A grip of new clothing and accessories showed up in the mail today! As of last week, I was officially invited to join the Under Armour Fishing team. Their fishing apparel is killer and I am super pumped to be representing them on the water. I will be rocking their gear every day, providing feedback and encouraging the design of exceptional fly fishing apparel from them in the future. And I may or may not have weaseled my way into some new golfing gear as well. If you are looking for some new gear, that actually comes in colors, instead of the usual greens and browns of other fishing brands,

Thank You K2 Coolers

Had the opportunity to swing over to Lafayette, Louisiana the other day to meet up with the folks at K2 Coolers headquarters. Aside from everyone being really nice and friendly there, I also got a chance to take a look around and learn a bunch more about the company. They are doing some really cool things down there and you are certain to be seeing a lot more of these around in the near future. Thanks so much to the K2 Cooler crew for adding me to the pro staff, and for the new coolers as well. Nice to know everyone in the boat will be drinking beer that is

A Visit to Stiffy Push Poles

After picking up my new flats skiff yesterday, I was invited over to visit the crew at Stiffy Push Poles. Really nice bunch of people over there and I was able to watch them build my custom push pole on the spot. Super cool! When it was all said and done, I rolled out of there with a new Stiffy Guide Series Push Pole and a few accessories installed on the skiff. Thanks to everyone at Stiffy for hooking me up. Appreciate the support. Check out more from them here www.stiffypushpoles.com.