Texas Strong, Rockport Resilient

As we all know, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on August 25th, 2017. According to latest estimates, it inflicted approximately $125 billion worth of damage, making it the costliest hurricane on record. What’s worse is it changed cities, communities, and lives; including many in Rockport, Texas. Perform a simple “Google” search today, almost five months later, and your feed will fill with words like “devastation”, “destruction”, and “destroyed”. However, the media tends to move on quickly to the next tragedy, and stories of incredible recovery efforts, people getting back on their feet, and communities rebuilding and welcoming tourism back to their towns quickly gets lost in

Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival Wrap Up

The weekend of March 11th and 12th, we packed up our bags and headed North to the Dallas Fort Worth area for the first annual Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival. The event was held in the Plano Centre in nearby Plano, TX. This was the first year for this event, although its sister show is held in Virginia every year. We've attended that show a couple of times, so it was an easy call to hop at the chance to participate in this show. The show was very well attended both days. And it seemed like most were having a pretty good time. There was plenty to do as

Winter Redfishing Video in Rockport, Texas

  This winter I had the pleasure of meeting Gibson down in Rockport. He booked a good 5-6 days with Fly Fish Rockport throughout the course of the winter. He was pretty green to the saltwater game, but picked it up very quickly. Each day we would fish, he would usually come equipped with a Gopro camera, and I would have a couple as well. I didn't think much of it at the time, as this is pretty common form in the boat. But a few days ago, he sends me this little video edit he put together. Hope everyone enjoys this quick edit as much as I did. Good

Guest Speaking at Texas Fly Fishers

This upcoming Tuesday, April 26th, I will be doing a presentation on fly fishing the Missouri River for the Texas Fly Fishers of Houston. This will be my second time presenting to the Texas Fly Fishers group. The first being a presentation on Redfishing in Rockport, TX this past October. I am looking forward to the opportunity of showing the group my home waters of the Missouri River and Craig, MT. The presentation should be about an hour long, detailing the river, hatches, tactics, flies, etc. And of course a bunch of cool fish pictures. But pretty much, I have a captive audience to ramble on and on about how

Venturing Angler Guide Profile and Interview

Was fortunate enough to work with the crew over at The Venturing Angler on a little interview and guide profile about First Cast Outfitters. They did a great job with everything and included a handful of photos as well. You can check out the entire interview on the Venturing Angler site here: ---  

Under Armour Fishing

A grip of new clothing and accessories showed up in the mail today! As of last week, I was officially invited to join the Under Armour Fishing team. Their fishing apparel is killer and I am super pumped to be representing them on the water. I will be rocking their gear every day, providing feedback and encouraging the design of exceptional fly fishing apparel from them in the future. And I may or may not have weaseled my way into some new golfing gear as well. If you are looking for some new gear, that actually comes in colors, instead of the usual greens and browns of other fishing brands,

Thank You K2 Coolers

Had the opportunity to swing over to Lafayette, Louisiana the other day to meet up with the folks at K2 Coolers headquarters. Aside from everyone being really nice and friendly there, I also got a chance to take a look around and learn a bunch more about the company. They are doing some really cool things down there and you are certain to be seeing a lot more of these around in the near future. Thanks so much to the K2 Cooler crew for adding me to the pro staff, and for the new coolers as well. Nice to know everyone in the boat will be drinking beer that is

A Visit to Stiffy Push Poles

After picking up my new flats skiff yesterday, I was invited over to visit the crew at Stiffy Push Poles. Really nice bunch of people over there and I was able to watch them build my custom push pole on the spot. Super cool! When it was all said and done, I rolled out of there with a new Stiffy Guide Series Push Pole and a few accessories installed on the skiff. Thanks to everyone at Stiffy for hooking me up. Appreciate the support. Check out more from them here