We are now a good week or so removed from trip up to GRTU’s Troutfest. This was the first year that we have been able to exhibit, or even attend, the event up there. But Capt. Phil, having formerly been one of the organizers of the entire event, kept insisting that Fly Fish Rockport had a presence there. So we decided to jump at it and see what happened.

Of course we were well aware of the event each year, and the outstanding reputation it’s always had. We just had never taken the time out of our very busy Spring fishing season to make it happen. But definitely it lived up to, or exceeded our expectations. And, on top of all that, it was really just a bunch of fun for us as well.

We were excited to team up with our friends over a Towee for another event. Always fun to show off a shiny new Calusa micro skiff in the booth. People are always very curious about the micro skiffs we love to run around the Texas flats. So it’s cool to have a boat on hand for folks to see and touch. Really helps folks get an appreciation for the boats, and why we love running them around so much. And, most importantly, it just looks damn good in the booth!

Both days of the event were very well attended. We were able to meet a lot of cool folks there. Also, always fun to have friends we have been fishing with for years swing by and have a beer with us. Just a bunch of good times with all the other fishy folks here in Texas.

We were giving away swag to people, tons of candy to the kids, flies to those who were curious and again raffled off another free guide trip. The lucky winner this time was Michael Page, who had driven over from San Antonio on Saturday. So huge congrats to him on the free trip, and we will look forward to having him down on the Texas flats with us very soon.

Troutfest really is a great event. The proceeds largely go to GRTU, and in turn, their fishery there on the Guadalup River. So for those who maybe aren’t that familiar with it, please check them out. And of course look at attending the event next year. We will most certainly be there again.

This is a great family event, in an awesome setting. The indoor/outdoor venue is perfect for a nice Spring day. There were casting and kayak demos in the river, a trout pond for the kids and of course all the exhibitor that set up to show off their goods and services. The evenings were also packed with a number of events, films and of course food and drink. Not a bad way to spend a weekend in late February.

We would like to thank everyone there at GRTU for having us and all the hard work on making this event happen. And of course a big thank you to all that attended and came by to say hello. We hope to see many of you down on the Texas Coast very soon.

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