This time of year, things down here around the Texas Coast are pretty darn warm. It’s already been a pretty long Summer, and we still have another month or so to go yet. These dog days of Summer are always the hardest for us, as we are already looking forward to our Fall fishing season right around the corner. With that in mind, we decided to try something a little different this year. So for the first time ever, Fly Fish Rockport is having a little corporate retreat.

Capt. Jeff figured that everyone has had enough hot weather for now. So the poling skiffs are stowed away and the whole crew is headed to Alaska. Where better to get away from the heat, than the backcountry of Alaska in search of trophy northern pike on the fly. The gang flew North on the 22nd and will be there, entirely off the grid, until the 30th of August.

They are living on a houseboat, somewhere in the interior of Alaska, and running around each day in smaller jet boats to chase pike that range up into the 50-55″ range. While Capt. Jeff has spent quite a bit of time in Alaska, this will be the first time for everyone else in the crew. So it should make for some pretty interesting stories and such.

At last report, we do know that the crew had made it as far as Anchorage. There were some reports of a pretty crazy dinner, complete with plenty of cocktails and even a few beluga whales passing by. This morning, the Fly Fish Rockport folks will be flying out of Anchorage and off the grid for the next week. We aren’t real sure what all Capt. Jeff has planned for them up there. Perhaps it will be like any other corporate retreat, filled with icebreakers, seminars, continuing education classes and maybe even a few trust falls.

More than likely, it will just involve a lot of good times, good food, good cocktails and maybe even a little fishing along the way. We won’t be able to get in touch with them while up there, so we will have to just assume they are all getting along. Or maybe someone end up going crazy and a Lord of the Flies situation ensues? You never know, with that bunch.

But, for the next week or so, things will be a little quiet at the Fly Fish Rockport headquarters. Apologies to any who try to contact us while we are away and are not able to respond promptly. We will certainly be catching up with everything once out of the woods and back in civilization.

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