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The Rockport Fishing Report is your source for current fly fishing conditions near Rockport, TX and the surrounding waters.

Rockport Fishing Report – May 17th

It's the end of another week, and time for an update to the Rockport Fishing Report. We got behind a bit on our reports. Mainly due to a complete computer meltdown here at the mothership. But after a lot of cursing, and pounding on things, a shiny new computer or two are the newest additions to the family over here. So, we are back in action and will be keeping our Rockport Fishing Reports up to date once again. Things on the Coastal Bend of Texas are pretty good right now. All of the marinas and boat ramps are open again. Although you may notice that most have kept

Rockport Fishing Report – April 20th

A little later than planned, but time for another Rockport Fishing Report for mid to late April. We are a bit behind schedule from our last report. Sorry about that. Maybe us non-essential people are just taking that to heart a bit too much? Either way, we will fill you in with what we are seeing out on the water while fly fishing the Texas flats in and around Rockport, Texas. Since our last report, a few things have changed around here, but not too many. One of the more popular marinas in Aransas Pass, Conn Brown Harbor Park, is now closed. Apparently the city was tired of the

Rockport Fishing Report – April 1st

This is your first Rockport fishing report for the month of April. Spring fishing is in full swing around here. So in this fishing report for the Texas Coast, we will fill you in on what's going on out on the flats each and every day. And of course we will help fill you in on how the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting fishing in Rockport and the rest of the Coastal Bend. First and foremost, let's address the Coronavirus thing. We are trying to help keep people informed as best we can. These times are pretty crazy everywhere, and the Texas Coast is no different. Rules and closures are

Rockport Fishing Report – March 22nd

A bit later than planned, but here is an updated fishing report for Rockport, Texas and surrounding waters. We've made it a majority of the way through March already. So we will update you with what we are seeing and doing on the Texas flats while we are fly fishing for redfish. Tonight marks the end of our two busiest weeks of Spring Break around here. Week one was pretty hectic around the Coastal Bend. Even with all the recent events and virus issues. But week two was much more calm. Especially as the week wore on.  Things just kept getting weirder and weirder. But by now, most folks

Rockport Fishing Report – March 2nd

March is here, and a new Rockport fishing report along with it. Winter is over, not that it was that bad on the Texas Coast this year. But it had it's moments. As February leaves, and March comes in, hopefully that indicates the last of our cold fronts for the year. And that means that our first Rockport fishing report for Spring. The weather, and fishing, this past week has been pretty outstanding. With the exception of one cold blowy day from the North last Wednesday, where we had to cancel our boats, the week was amazing. The mornings were cooler, most starting out in the upper 40's or

Rockport Fishing Report – December 25th

Welcome to your Rockport fishing report, Christmas Edition. Actually, it's pretty much just another fishing report. Although it is Christmas today. So Merry Christmas to all. We hope everyone is enjoying their day with family and friends. We are doing the same and enjoying our day off of the water. Although with the weather we've been having, it is tempting to grab the boat this morning. We've been busy lately, and slacking on our fishing report. It's been about two weeks since our last. Oops! But things are fishing very well around here. And with all the good weather, we've been on the water a ton. We've been blessed

Rockport Fishing Report – December 5th

December is here and it's time for an update to our Rockport fishing report. We're not real sure what happened to November. Sure seemed to go quick. But things are still rolling here on the Texas Coast and we will fill you in with what we've been seeing out there lately. Since our last report, about a week ago, things have continued to be steady and fish very well. In fact, not too much has changed at all. The weather has been very good around here. No reason to stay off the water at all. A couple mornings earlier this week were a bit chilly. Maybe in the high

Rockport Fishing Report – November 25th

The weekend is over and we are catching up with an update Rockport fishing report before the holiday weekend. Things are still cranking really well around here. Fall fishing is still prime time. The weather has been mostly cooperative. And the fishing is still very very good. We last reported a bit over a week ago now. Since then, things have continued to be very good out on the Texas flats. We've had mostly cooperative weather out there each day, which helps of course. A slight push of cold air from the North is not out of the question this time of year. But luckily, these have all been

Rockport Fishing Report – November 11th

Part way through November, and time for a new Rockport fishing report. Our Fall fishing season has been flying by so far. But we still have a good bit of prime time fishing yet to come. So we will fill you in here on what we've been seeing out there every day, and what we expect for the week coming up. Since our last report, things have picked up considerably. Particularly, after each little cold front that has pushed through. While a couple of these fronts have been pretty nasty, they have been short lived. All have only shut us down for a single day, with high winds, rain and

Rockport Fishing Report – October 27th

Another week in the books here, and time for an updated Rockport fishing report. As we close out the month of October, the fishing continues to get better and better down here on the flats of Southwest Texas. The trend should continue as we move on into November and the remainder of our Fall. It was a pretty good past week here on the Texas Coast. The redfishing was pretty solid early in the week. Most of our early mornings were spent spotting tails in flooded grass areas. Each provided a good number of shots to fish rooting around in some pretty thick grass. If you could get a fly