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The Rockport Fishing Report is your source for current fly fishing conditions near Rockport, TX and the surrounding waters.

Rockport Fishing Report – October 27th

Here is an updated Rockport fishing report for late October. Since the weather has finally changed around here, as well as the fishing, we thought we would update our report for those out and about this weekend. So here is your report for those fly fishing Rockport or the surrounding areas. The sun finally made an appearance for us late this week. Friday morning greeted us with clear skies, calm winds and a whole new outlook on things around here. We had not seen the sun in over two weeks. So it was much needed around here, for both the sake of fishing, and our sanity. With the sun

Rockport Fishing Report – October 22nd

After a long weekend, we are here with a fresh Rockport fishing report for the last full week of October. This month has gone by very quickly. Hard to believe we are almost to November around here, although it hasn't exactly felt like it too much. But the weather is changing as we speak. So the Rockport fishing report should be changing very soon as well. This past week was pretty "tough" around here. Actually, that is being a little on the positive side of things. Honestly, the weather was pretty crappy all week for those of us trying to fly fish the Texas flats. Strong North winds, rain

Rockport Fishing Report – October 15th

The weekend is over and it is time for a new Rockport fishing report. This report marks the middle of our month of October. Not that it has actually felt much like October out there. But the change is upon us now. So we will recap our past week and also what we expect for the upcoming week if you plan on fly fishing in Southwest Texas. So here is your Rockport fishing report. Since our last report a week ago, things definitely got a little more interesting out there. As you may recall, from our last report, the water was really high. Then came this week. Early in

Rockport Fishing Report – October 4th

Here is your first Rockport fishing report for the month of October. Not that it feels a whole lot like October out there just yet. But hopefully change is coming our way soon. Either way, we will fill you in on what we have been seeing out there this week, and what we expect for your Rockport fishing report for the week to come. As we mentioned, it is warm. Really warm. Maybe a bit too warm for October around here. It's not quite as awful as August/September, but it's still quite a bit warmer than we would prefer. Which means, our water is warm as well. Still hovering

Rockport Fishing Report – August 22nd

Welcome to your mid/late August fishing report for Rockport, Texas and surrounding waters. Boy have we been slacking lately on the fishing reports. Eek! We must apologize to all for that. Busy busy this time of year. Or maybe this heat is getting to us. Or... ? Either way, we are back at it today and hope to fill everyone in on what we are seeing out on the Texas flats these days. The dog days of Summer are clearly upon us. It's hot. Really hot. And has been for far too long. And we are kinda tired of it. But it isn't all bad. With the heat comes

Rockport Fishing Report – June 17th

It's the end of another weekend and time for an updated Rockport fishing report for Rockport, Texas and the Coastal Bend. Mid June is here and things continue to fish pretty well. So things are looking pretty good around here lately. This week's Rockport fishing report will tell you what we saw out there and what we expect to see in the coming week. The fly fishing in Southwest Texas has been pretty darn good here this past week. The weather remained pretty solid and not too terribly hot for the most part. The winds were cooperative, more or less. And things were just pretty good in general. So

Rockport Fishing Report – June 4th

Welcome to the first Rockport fishing report for the month of June. May seemed to come and go pretty quickly. And with it, our nice Spring weather as well. So we are jumping head long into Summer, apparently, with the arrival of June. Things have been warm lately. Maybe even a little too warm? It sure feels like we went straight from the month of May to the month of July out there. It has been pretty darn warm most days and nights as well. So this has the water warming up quite a bit too. Maybe a bit ahead of schedule, or at least a bit ahead of

Rockport Fishing Report – May 29th

It's time for another Rockport fishing report for late May. We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend out there. We certainly did. But it is back to work, for many, today. So we thought we would help you survive your shortened work week with a fresh Rockport fishing report. So here we go... The fly fishing in Southwest Texas remains very solid. We are seeing and catching plenty of fish each day. That being said, all days are not created equal. Certainly some days are fishing better than others. More over, some afternoons are fishing better than others. Most of our mornings have remained very consistent. We are out

Rockport Fishing Report – May 16th

We have reached the middle of May already, and it is time for another Rockport Fishing report. Hard to believe that we are now on the backside of May and June is fast approaching. Although the weather sure feels like June around here already. But not all bad, as we break down another Rockport fishing report for you. The weather since has our last report has remained very good. Much lighter winds, sunny days and warm temps. Some days have even been a bit on the too warm side of things, reaching 90 degrees or just over. Not terrible, but plenty warm if the wind is light. Today was

Rockport Fishing Report – May 7th, 2018

The weekend is over and we are back with another Rockport fishing report to close out this first week of May. We have enjoyed some pretty great weather here the past few days. So this is one of our better Rockport fishing reports in a while. Hopefully the coming week brings more of the same. After our last report, on the first of the month, we saw a few decent days on the water. Much of the later week brought partial clouds and plenty of wind. Not too bad, as most afternoons cleared off some. But the wind came along with that sunshine. Many days topping out in the