We are now most of the way through December and right in the middle of our Winter fishing season. Maybe Winter was a bit earlier than desired this year? Maybe that will mean Spring shows up a bit early as well? Either way, here is the latest and greatest Rockport fly fishing report for Rockport, Texas and surrounding waters.

The fishing has been pretty good as of late. We have had to dodge a few little cold fronts, since our last report. And as we write this, it appears the world is ending outside. It’s 24 degrees with a stout wind from the North. Not exactly fishing weather. So we are going to sit a few days out and wait for warmer days. Bummer for those that had booked this Christmas weekend for sure. One of our clients has been fishing Christmas Day for years. Kind of a tradition for him. Not so much this year.

We were still able to get boats out a few days last week, before the cold weather set in, and the fishing was really good. The water was back up a good bit, a bit higher than average. Not a big deal really, although we were kinda enjoying the lower Winter tides while we had them. Those are always super fun. But the tide movement was great all week. Lots of water moving around, which made for really happy fish and a bunch of activity.

Tails were common, although not in large schools. Not surprising for this time of year. But small schools of 5 or more fish could be found tailing pretty regularly. As the sun, or what little of it we had, would get higher the fish spread out and began crashing banks pretty well. Always fun to see. This would continue into the early/mid afternoon. As soon as the sun started going down in the afternoon, things would slow up pretty quickly.

With the little bit deeper water, we played around with a few different flies. We had been running a bunch of topwater or unweighted stuff the prior week. But with the colder water, and more of it, we needed to get a little bit deeper. So back to the purple/black crab type stuff for sure. As the fish began crashing banks, unweighted shrimp patterns or any topwater would get eaten easily. Not too picky out there really. Just get it in front of them and get it moving.

We have a couple more days of crap weather. This weekend is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Both days are bad enough that we are not going to be able to get out. Not all bad for our guides that will be spending time with their family and friends. But the coming week is looking really good. You can always count on some really nice sunny and calm days after a cold front. So we have a busy week next week, starting on Monday. It will be a little chilly, but gets better and better as the week goes on. And you can bet the fish are going to be fired up, coming off this many days of cold weather down here.

We will report back in a few days, once we have a chance to get back on the water. We are looking forward to some warmer days ahead. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

Also, we have a new series of videos coming to our Youtube channel as well. Something kinda funny and different to do. Flyfishing is not serious. Or at least it shouldn’t be. So we are gonna have a little fun and make a few funny videos based on the lighter side of red fishing.

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