Finally its Fall! And FINALLY Capt. Jeff got his act together to update the Rockport Fly Fishing Report. It has certainly been “a while” since our last. But rest assured that we have been out there most every day chasing fish up and down the flats of the Texas Coast.

The fishing has been very good. Fall is here and things are finally cooling off. All positives for the fishing down here. We are still seeing schools and tails most every day. More so in the morning than anything. But finding tails anytime during the day isn’t really too shocking.

We are fishing all over the place lately. Some of the guys are loving it up North; POC, Mesquite Bay, etc. Some of our other guides are spending a bunch of time South of Port Aransas… or further. But reports across the board have been really good.

Lots of over-slot fish moving around the flats right now. Maybe even a bull here and there. But most of those really big fish haven’t quite made it in to the flats yet. Pretty sure they are waiting for a bit cooler water. But we aren’t far off from those 40-50″ fishing swimming around the flats.

For flies, most everything is working. The fish are just happy. Black and purple is still out favorite. But white worked just as well. Or anything shrimpy is great too. If you were to hang out at the table of death (cleaning station) while bait guys are there, you will notice every redfish is stuffed full of shrimp right now. So choose a fly and fish it with confidence. It will work.

We are out every day for the rest of the week this week, and the foreseeable future.  We will continue to report back as we can with what we are seeing out there. Also, we have a new series of videos coming to our Youtube channel as well. Something kinda funny and different to do. Flyfishing is not serious. Or at least it shouldn’t be. So we are gonna have a little fun and make a few funny videos based on the lighter side of red fishing.

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