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The Rockport Fishing Report is your source for current fly fishing conditions near Rockport, TX and the surrounding waters.

Rockport Fishing Report – October 19th, 2017

A little later than planned, but finally your Rockport fishing report for mid October. It's starting to feel a little bit like Fall around here now... sort of. We are coming off of our first little weather from the North, which was nice. It brought with it some cooler air and a lot less humidity. All welcome changes. This wind from the North also helped blow a little bit of the water out of the bays. It is still very high every where, but a tiny bit better, compared to the last Rockport fishing report. This has also helped some of the water clear a little better too. So things

Rockport Fishing Report – October 3rd, 2017

Here is our first Rockport fishing report for the month of October. A lot of stuff going on these days on the Coastal Bend of Texas and Rockport. So we will try to keep everyone up to speed a bit, and even talk a bit of fishing for this Rockport fishing report! First off... Our home of Rockport, and other coastal towns, are continuing to get better. Little by little and day by day, things are on the mend. There is still plenty of work to be done, but progress is being made for sure. So this is a positive. We would also like to remember all of our friends

Rockport Fishing Report – September 3rd, 2017

Welcome to your first Rockport fishing report for September. Well, a report of sorts lets say. Maybe not so much on the fishing aspect of things these days. But we wanted to get something current up here and share a little information about the situation(s) at hand. Obviously everyone knows of the devastation to Rockport, Texas and many of our neighboring communities as well. Many of the towns along the Coastal Bend of Texas have been affected. But certainly Rockport has taken a direct hit. It truly has been very hard to see, and at the same time inspiring. Neighbors, well wishers and Texans have poured into the community in

Rockport Fishing Report – August 22nd, 2017

It's time for your late'ish August Rockport fishing report. The dog days of Summer are certainly upon us. Although the fishing has been pretty solid lately, despite the heat. But that doesn't mean we aren't glad to see August going, and September/October right behind it. Though the days have remained pretty darn warm, our water temps are actually a little better than they were during our last reports. So this has made for plenty of fish that are still willing to cooperate with us... most days. That being said, morning are still the program. The afternoons are still much tougher. So we have been doing our best to avoid them.

Rockport Fishing Report – August 7th, 2017

Here is your first Rockport fishing report for the month of August. July seemed to come and go very quickly. So much so, that we now find ourselves in the first week of a new month and that much closer to Fall fishing on the Texas Coast. As expected, our days have remained quite warm. Afternoons are hot, muggy and a little lacking in the wind department. That makes for tough fishing in the afternoon hours. So mornings have still been our focus. On early and off in time for a late lunch or maybe even a cold beverage??? We are still encouraging folks to stick to half-day trips this

Rockport Fishing Report – July 19th, 2017

After slacking for far too long, we are finally back with an updated Rockport fishing report for mid July. Maybe its because we have been busy that we are behind on this? Or maybe its the heat frying our brains? Or maybe its that first cold beer in the A.C. that we have each day off the water, that ruins our motivation? But regardless, here goes for our current Rockport fishing report. The fishing lately has been pretty good, by Summer standards. Of course, what the heck does that mean?!?! Basically, it has been good early. Then, as the day gets warmer... eh. If you think that it is too

Rockport Fishing Report – June 22nd, 2017

Finally we are back with an updated Rockport fishing report for mid June. We must apologize for slacking the past week or so. We've been on the water every day, but just got "caught up" with a few other things and got behind. But... we are back. The fishing has been very good lately. We are getting on the water fairly early these days and seeing fish right out of the gate. Schools of tailing fish can be found most mornings. Many of these schools are 20 or so fish. Plenty to make for a good target or two. Mornings have been best. With the heat of Summer starting to

Rockport Fishing Report – June 7th, 2017

June is here, and also the first Rockport fishing report of the month. We're sorry for slacking a little bit. But we've had everyone out on the water the past couple of days chasing fish. But we are finally coming back around to get you the latest info from what we are seeing out there right now. The water is up pretty high these days. This has spread some of the fish out a bit more it seems. We aren't seeing quite as many schooling fish, and certainly not finding schools throughout the day currently. But we are still seeing plenty of fish out there. Sometimes it does take a

Rockport Fishing Report – May 30th, 2017

So here is your final Rockport fishing report for the month of May. This month has flown by. Or maybe blown by is a better term??? Either way, its outta here and we are powering our way towards June and the summer months. We were able to survive the holiday weekend. As expected, the water was crowded. Most of the agony was at the boat ramps, but it wasn't too bad. Just lots of folks trying to get out on the water and enjoy their long weekend. Once in the water, hiding from the crowds wasn't much of an issue. But we are still glad to see the holiday weekend

Rockport Fishing Report – May 15th, 2017

Here is your mid May Rockport fishing report for Rockport, Texas and surrounding waters. We have reached the middle of May, already, which seems pretty crazy. This Spring has flown by already. But the good news is, it still feels like Spring out there. Your Rockport fishing report still remains quite good. Our boats have been doing well out there on the water each day, despite some annoying wind. But the fish are there, schooling up all over the place and plenty happy to eat a fly. So its all worth it! Early this past week we had some North winds blow threw. This changed up the water situation a