Rockport Fishing Report

The Rockport Fishing Report is your source for current fly fishing conditions near Rockport, TX and the surrounding waters.

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – May 8th

We are one week into May and due for an updated Rockport Fishing Report, for Rockport, Texas and surrounding water on The Coastal Bend. It's been almost two weeks since our last report, so we will do our best to get you caught up on what we are seeing out on the water each day, and what we are expecting for the days to come. Then hopefully we will have another Rockport Fly Fishing Report for you in a weeks time. Overall, we would say that it's been pretty solid fly fishing The Coastal Bend. Really, the weather has been the only drawback for us. We've had a decent

April Fly Fishing Report For Rockport Texas – April 12th

We've been off the water a few days, watching the wind blow. So I guess we can carve out some time to update our Rockport Fly Fishing Report here in April. It's been a little bit since our last update. Not too much has changed really. But we will fill you in below on what we are doing and seeing here while fly fishing in Rockport and surrounding waters. First off... the wind sucks!!! It's been a little blowy lately. Enough so that we have scratched all our boats the past three days around here. Sustained winds in the 20's and gusts up into the low 40's mean that

Spring Fly Fishing Report For Rockport Texas – March 27th

It's the end of another week today, and also the end of Spring Break for most Texans. So after a pretty hectic couple of weeks, we are updating our Rockport Fishing Report. We will cover what all we saw on the water this past week, and also what we expect as we close out the month of March and move on to April. We've finally had a solid week of sunshine and warmer weather down here on the Texas Coast. And it was about damn time! This did great things for our fishing, compared to our last couple of Rockport fly fishing reports. The water is warming up and so

Rockport and Texas Coast Fly Fishing Report – March 21st

We were down with weather today, so a new fishing report made it on the docket. So here is a look back at how the fly fishing in Rockport, and surrounding waters, has been for the past little bit. And hopefully a look at what we are expecting in the coming weeks time. Week one of Spring Break is in the books! Week two is going on now, although things are always a little more mellow for the second week. This kind of marks the beginning of the busiest time of year around here. Days are warmer, which brings out the weekend crowds a bit more. Spring Break enhances that

Our New Black Duck Cromis with Outboard Jet

Our New Black Duck Cromis Skiff This little video was shot a few weeks ago fly fishing in Rockport, Texas for redfish. We were getting out to play in our new Cromis skiff, by Black Duck Skiffs. This skiff will be the new choice for Fly Fish Rockport when we want to get out in a micro skiff. These things are lighter, quieter and far shallower than our other Hells Bay boats. Even better, the Cromis is designed to run with a jet outboard. Hand down this is our new favorite boat! But enjoy the footage of the new boat and fishing from a calm Winter day in

Texas Coast Fly Fishing Report – February 16th

We are down with some gnarly winds today. So it seemed like a good opportunity to update the fly fishing report for Rockport, Texas and surrounding waters. It's been a little over a week since our last report and things are trying to change around here, sorta. So here is the current lay of the land down here and what we are looking at for the coming week or so down on the Texas Coast. Since our last report, it has been pretty good down on the coast. We've had more nice day than bad, which means we have been able to get a bunch of boats out on

Rockport Fishing Report – February 3rd

Apparently it's been "a while" since we've updated our Rockport fishing report. Oops! Busy busy over here, and sometimes things just slip through the cracks. But since we are sitting here, staring down the barrel of the worst cold front of the year, we find ourselves with a bit more time on our hands. So we will try to spend our time wisely and go a little housekeeping on the website, including an up to date Rockport fishing report. So, here we go. After a very warm and mild December down here on the Texas Coast, our January kind of went to crap. A couple days after New Years,

Rockport Fishing Report – May 13th

The end of the week is almost here. So we figured a Rockport fishing report would be a good idea. Hopefully we can fill you in with what to expect leading into this coming weekend, and the days beyond. So for those looking to head towards the Texas Coast to do a little fly fishing, read on as we've got you covered. First and foremost, you must know what weekend it is in Rockport. It's pretty much the worst weekend of the entire year around here. And by that we mean, crowded. It is Babes on the Bay weekend coming up. That means the largest fishing tournament of the

Rockport Fishing Report – May 29th

It's Friday, and darn near June, and time for another Rockport fishing report. This will be the last report for the month of May. Also, just in time for the weekend. Although it pretty much seems that you can't really tell the difference between the weekdays and weekends around here lately. Regardless, here is your Rockport fishing report. As mentioned already, it has been hectic down on the Texas Coast lately. We managed to survive Memorial Day Weekend, somehow. Ask any local, and they will tell you they've never seen it that busy around the area... EVER. It was completely nuts. Luckily, we were able to get out on

Rockport Fishing Report – May 17th

It's the end of another week, and time for an update to the Rockport Fishing Report. We got behind a bit on our reports. Mainly due to a complete computer meltdown here at the mothership. But after a lot of cursing, and pounding on things, a shiny new computer or two are the newest additions to the family over here. So, we are back in action and will be keeping our Rockport Fishing Reports up to date once again. Things on the Coastal Bend of Texas are pretty good right now. All of the marinas and boat ramps are open again. Although you may notice that most have kept