Apparently it’s been “a while” since we’ve updated our Rockport fishing report. Oops! Busy busy over here, and sometimes things just slip through the cracks. But since we are sitting here, staring down the barrel of the worst cold front of the year, we find ourselves with a bit more time on our hands. So we will try to spend our time wisely and go a little housekeeping on the website, including an up to date Rockport fishing report. So, here we go.

After a very warm and mild December down here on the Texas Coast, our January kind of went to crap. A couple days after New Years, we started seeing cold fronts fairly regularly. It actually made for a pretty long month around here. Typically, we get a front to blow through, and get some nicer days on either end of it. But lately, they have been stacking up on us a bit more than we would like. So we really haven’t had a lot of sunshine or calm days in-between them like we are more accustomed to. Also, that has made getting out on the water a little tougher as well. We have certainly been canceling more days than we have been fishing. Never our favorite thing to do.

With some of these colder storms, it dropped our water temps pretty significantly. Often, we are seeing water temps in the low to mid 40’s throughout the day. That makes for some pretty cold redfish. And since these storms keep running back to back, we haven’t had enough sun to warm it up between fronts. So things have been a little on the “tougher” side out on the water. We are certainly still seeing and catching fish. But they are not in the numbers we would like and are mostly pretty sluggish. But they will still eat for you just fine. Just don’t expect them to go out of their way to chase down your fly.

Since lazy is their game these days, we are sticking with the crab patterns. Dark colors are always the best and our favorites. Of course the old black and purple just keeps working. So if it ain’t broke… But they will eat whatever else as well. They are far from picky about the fly right now. Anything is getting their attention. It’s more the presentation right now. These fish are cold and not happy. So they don’t want to burn a whole lot of energy chasing food around. So get something down in front of them and move it slower than you may do any other time.

We are finding fish anywhere that is close to deep water. Mud bottom areas are best. So be looking along cuts, deeper edges, creeks, etc. Also, don’t expect them all to get up super shallow. If you aren’t seeing a good number of fish on the edges of the lake you’re in, pull off the bank and check in the middle. They are out there for sure. Just holding a bit deeper with the cooler temps. But once you find them, they are ALL there. So numbers are not a problem. Also, there are a bunch of big fish around right now. We are catching over slot fish every day. And the bulls are around as well. But our last couple days looking for them weren’t great. Maybe they were pissy coming off the cold front and hadn’t moved in to the flats yet? Maybe they were just somewhere else that day? But they are around and an option most days.

Again, we are seeing our nastiest cold front of the year as we speak. We have a couple days of temperatures below freezing around here. High temps won’t get back into the 50’s until later this weekend. So we have scrapped all of our trips through at least Sunday thus far. It will take a few nice days next week to warm the water up and get these fish to recover from this one. Not sure if we will get those nicer days or not. But we are hoping so. Until then, we are keeping the boats in the barn and worrying more about tying flies, office work and hopefully a couple of cold rounds of golf.

We are booking a ton of Spring and Summer dates right now. The books are filling up for a bunch of our guides already. So keep that in mind as we all look forward to warmer days ahead.

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