Rockport Fishing Report – January 3rd, 2018

//Rockport Fishing Report – January 3rd, 2018
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Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to the first Rockport fishing report for the 2018 season. We are hoping that the new year ushers in a bit better weather that we ended last year with. We are in need of some change around here, and hopefully we will see it soon so our Rockport fishing report can improve a bit.

December ended on a similar trend from our last report. Way too many cloudy days, windy days and brutal cold. We were able to pick and choose a few days in there, but they were fairly slim. Luckily, we could get out on the water for New Years Eve, to ensure we could go out with a bang. The conditions were pretty brutal, but Levi (pictured above) was willing to roll the dice out there. Luckily it paid off with a couple days of pretty decent fishing, despite the cloudy and cold weather.

With everything remaining as cool as it has, the fishing has slowed up a bit as well. We are finding most of our fish huddled around the muddier bottom areas, trying to stay warm. Most are not very active really. You will see the occasional solo fish crash some bait shallow a couple of times, then quickly exit back towards deeper water, before ever being within reach. But most fish have been pretty mellow as of late. They are there and are still feeding some, just not too aggressively.

New Years Eve presented us with a few fish tailing and feeding steadily, in the last few hours of the day. This was the best activity we had seen in a few days. These fish were very willing to eat and even attacked a couple of flies pretty aggressively. But this was also just before another very strong cold front moved into the area, which we are still climbing out of as this is being written.

Today brought the first day of sunny blue skies that we have seen since… ??? Well, it has been too damn long to even remember! Our morning temps were in the high 20’s this morning, but it was sure nice to watch the sun come up over Aransas Bay with a hot cup of coffee in our hands. Again, it had been far too long. Our daytime temps struggled to get into the 50’s today, and will be similar tomorrow. So it was a bit too nippy to get out there today. But that sun will help get that water warming, even if just a little bit for now.

This marks the beginning of a much needed warming trend. Something that is much needed in this Rockport fishing report! While tomorrow will still start cool and only reach the mid to upper 50’s, the trend will continue. By the weekend, we are looking at daytime highs back into the 70 degree range… FINALLY! Even better, we will get a good bit of sun for the entirety of our extended forecast.

With the winds remaining from the North for the past few weeks, the water is still very low throughout all the bays. Not a good thing with these colder temps really. But, it will also warm fairly quickly with the improving weather. And one can probably rest assured that these warmer temps will also bring with them some winds from the Southeast to help move some water back in as well. But until then, things are pretty skinny out there.

With the sun shining the next few days, and temps increasing pretty significantly, we expect to see a lot of action in the coming days. As the waters warm up, these fish may just be on a warpath out there. They have been living in the same crappy weather we have for the past few weeks, and are most likely ready to bust out of their shells any time. It is looking like Friday and on through the weekend and into next week could be outstanding days to be out on the water. We are looking at lighter winds, sunny skies and temps in the low 70’s. That just sounds fishy!

We will be out there starting tomorrow (finally) and on through the weekend. Hopefully to come back with glowing reports and plenty of fish porn as well. We hope to update our Rockport fishing report for you again sometime this weekend, as we see what the change in weather brings.

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