Week one of February is in the books, so it’s time for another Rockport Fly Fishing report. We will do our best to fill you in on what we’ve been seeing out there since our last fishing report. Also, do our best to predict the future. Or at least try to give a little direction for the upcoming weekend, and week following.

This month got underway in interesting fashion down here in Southwest Texas. We’ve been stuck in a bit of a weather rut around here. Warm temps and very light winds have been camping on us for quite a while now. This means lots of fog. In fact, at one point this week, we had a run of four or so days where you couldn’t see much more than a couple hundred feet. Not cool.

The good news is, with the lack of wind, we could actually see the fish fairly well. Maybe not from the distances you would like, but we were still seeing plenty of fish. The bad news… the fish weren’t exactly loving the weather either. While we would get a somewhat decent number of shots most days, the majority of the fish were pretty sluggish. Many wouldn’t move at all, until the boat hit them. But persistence did pay off out there. It’s just really annoying watching tons of fish run out from under the boat all day long.

The fish that were up and moving were more than happy to eat for us. But most were pretty spooky. With the low light, we spent all our time in really shallow water in hopes of being able to see backs, tails, pushes or anything else to tip them off. But in that skinny stuff, those fish didn’t make it easy on our anglers. If you did get it in front of them, they would eat without issue. And a few hail mary shots at fleeing fish paid off as well.

We’ve been fishing a crab most days. Or anything else with a decent bit of weight to it. We want that fly very near the bottom, where we can move it slowly and keep it in the faces of the sluggish fish. Also, that heavier crab will get down in the zone really quickly. This is important when you are trying to get it in front of a fish that is moving away from you rather quickly. Aside from the crab, there’s been a few baitfish and toads thrown as well. All seemed to work just fine.

There has been plenty of water out there lately. So fishing pretty much anywhere is easy. The tides have also been pretty favorable. Lots of moving water out there throughout the days. So that is helping a bit as well. Whatever it takes to get these fish moving around more, with this funky weather we’ve had around.

As we are writing this report, we are watching a cold front blow through. Our high temps today will remain in the mid 40’s, with a stout wind from the North. So this is a perfect day to relax, tie flies and write fishing reports. This storm will last through our Saturday and part of our Sunday around here. As we exit the weekend, our temps will climb back up nearer to 70 degrees again as the winds shift back to the Southeast. Hopefully this will be our last cold front of the year. But it is still February, so you never know. But the coming week will be warmer, although the clouds and chances of rain will continue. It’s been a good bit since we’ve seen blue skies around here. We have got to be about due. All this dark weather is starting to get to us around here.

While our weekend may be a wash with the weather rolling through, we do hope to be able to get back out on the water on Monday and on into next week. As we do, we will keep everyone informed on what all we are seeing out there. If you are looking to get out on the water, you can always contact us any time if you would like to BOOK A TRIP or need any up to the minute Southwest Texas fly fishing or Rockport fishing type news. We continue to post on  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Or perhaps SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel as well. We continually are trying to add more videos and stuff there. We try to keep stuff fresh for those of you that are wishing you were on the flats with us. So be sure to follow us on all our social media stuff. And don’t forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter below.

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