5 10, 2018

Rockport Fishing Report – October 4th

Here is your first Rockport fishing report for the month of October. Not that it feels a whole lot like October out there just yet. But hopefully change is coming our way soon. Either way, we will fill you in on what we have been seeing out there this week, and what we expect for your Rockport fishing report for the week to come. As we mentioned, it is warm. Really warm. Maybe a bit too warm for October around here. It's not quite as awful as August/September, but it's still quite a bit warmer than we would prefer. Which means, our water is warm as well. Still hovering

5 09, 2018

Back on the Texas Flats

Well, as they say, all good things come to an end. This includes our little "corporate retreat", or vacation if you want to be real about it. But what a time we had. Good stuff all around. It was great to have a much needed break from the Summer heat. Also kinda nice to get away from the world and be completely off the grid for a little over a week. No phone calls, emails, text messages or annoying headlines to filter through. It's amazing just how relaxed a person can get, when all those distractions are removed. What a breath of fresh air. But, nothing lasts forever. So

23 08, 2018

Fly Fish Rockport Corporate Retreat

This time of year, things down here around the Texas Coast are pretty darn warm. It's already been a pretty long Summer, and we still have another month or so to go yet. These dog days of Summer are always the hardest for us, as we are already looking forward to our Fall fishing season right around the corner. With that in mind, we decided to try something a little different this year. So for the first time ever, Fly Fish Rockport is having a little corporate retreat. Capt. Jeff figured that everyone has had enough hot weather for now. So the poling skiffs are stowed away and the

22 08, 2018

Rockport Fishing Report – August 22nd

Welcome to your mid/late August fishing report for Rockport, Texas and surrounding waters. Boy have we been slacking lately on the fishing reports. Eek! We must apologize to all for that. Busy busy this time of year. Or maybe this heat is getting to us. Or... ? Either way, we are back at it today and hope to fill everyone in on what we are seeing out on the Texas flats these days. The dog days of Summer are clearly upon us. It's hot. Really hot. And has been for far too long. And we are kinda tired of it. But it isn't all bad. With the heat comes

18 06, 2018

Rockport Fishing Report – June 17th

It's the end of another weekend and time for an updated Rockport fishing report for Rockport, Texas and the Coastal Bend. Mid June is here and things continue to fish pretty well. So things are looking pretty good around here lately. This week's Rockport fishing report will tell you what we saw out there and what we expect to see in the coming week. The fly fishing in Southwest Texas has been pretty darn good here this past week. The weather remained pretty solid and not too terribly hot for the most part. The winds were cooperative, more or less. And things were just pretty good in general. So

5 06, 2018

Rockport Fishing Report – June 4th

Welcome to the first Rockport fishing report for the month of June. May seemed to come and go pretty quickly. And with it, our nice Spring weather as well. So we are jumping head long into Summer, apparently, with the arrival of June. Things have been warm lately. Maybe even a little too warm? It sure feels like we went straight from the month of May to the month of July out there. It has been pretty darn warm most days and nights as well. So this has the water warming up quite a bit too. Maybe a bit ahead of schedule, or at least a bit ahead of

29 05, 2018

Rockport Fishing Report – May 29th

It's time for another Rockport fishing report for late May. We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend out there. We certainly did. But it is back to work, for many, today. So we thought we would help you survive your shortened work week with a fresh Rockport fishing report. So here we go... The fly fishing in Southwest Texas remains very solid. We are seeing and catching plenty of fish each day. That being said, all days are not created equal. Certainly some days are fishing better than others. More over, some afternoons are fishing better than others. Most of our mornings have remained very consistent. We are out