25 02, 2019

Rockport Fishing Report – February 25th

Here is your last February fishing report for the Southwest Texas Coast, and waters in and around the Rockport area. It's the end of a pretty lousy month around here, and quite honestly, we couldn't be happier to see it go. We are ready for Spring around here. Maybe that will actually happen in March?!?! It was another long dreary week last week. As has been the norm lately, we did sneak in a few hours of sun here or there. But nothing worth getting too excited about. For the most part, we were stuck with more clouds, fog, rain, mist and a few days a bit on the

19 02, 2019

Come See Us at Troutfest 2019

As we sit here, on a rainy and cold Tuesday, we wanted remind everyone that we will be heading North to the Guadalupe River on Friday. GRTU's Troutfest is this coming weekend, and we will be hanging out in our booth with the crew from Towee Boats. GRTU’s Troutfest Texas is the largest event of its kind in Texas and brings out a crowd of over 3,000 people interested in fly fishing and preserving and protecting cold water fisheries. The event is hosted by the Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the largest TU chapter in the country with over 5,500 members. The three-day event includes keynote speakers, live

18 02, 2019

Rockport Fishing Report – February 17th

The week is over, and it's time for another fishing report for Rockport, Texas and other surrounding waters. We have reached mid February, and hopefully the end of our Winter down here on the Texas Coast. We are ready for some Spring fishing around here! We had another pretty interesting week around these parts. Plenty of foggy mornings and cloudy days for us again. We just can't seem to kick this trend around here. That being said, we did see the sun a little bit later in the work week. And it was about darn time too. We were starting to wonder if we would ever see it again.

17 02, 2019

JJ’s Crabcake Featured in SW Fly Fishing

A while back, Capt. Jeff had the opportunity to sit with the good folks from Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine and tie a few of his favorite flies. While doing so, he went into detail about each pattern, explaining all sorts of stuff. Why he came up with it. Why it was tied this way. Various uses. And pretty much anything else they wanted to know. The outcome became, the featured fly in their September/October issue. So we thought we would share the article with everyone here. The interview is actually pretty entertaining, with Capt. Jeff being pretty honest about his take on fly tying for Texas redfish. For those

8 02, 2019

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – February 8th

Week one of February is in the books, so it's time for another Rockport Fly Fishing report. We will do our best to fill you in on what we've been seeing out there since our last fishing report. Also, do our best to predict the future. Or at least try to give a little direction for the upcoming weekend, and week following. This month got underway in interesting fashion down here in Southwest Texas. We've been stuck in a bit of a weather rut around here. Warm temps and very light winds have been camping on us for quite a while now. This means lots of fog. In fact,

2 02, 2019

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – February 1st

February is here, and finally another fishing report for Rockport, Texas and the surrounding waters. We have been slacking like crazy around here on the web type stuff. Very sorry for that. Instead of keeping our fishing reports and social media stuff cranking in high gear, we have opted for writing code and working on a bunch of more in depth web type projects. YUCK!!! But, alas, we are back and here to update you on what we are seeing out there on the Texas flats. Since our last report, way too long ago, things have actually remained pretty consistent. Winter finally set in on us a little bit.

7 01, 2019

Rockport Fly Fishing Report – January 6th

Welcome to 2019, and our first Rockport fly fishing report of the year. We are putting a wrap on the first full week of the year, which has been a pretty interesting one. But things are still looking pretty good around the South Texas Coast these days. Hopefully the trend continues throughout January. We had some pretty cold and crappy weather to kick off the new year around here. Overnight temps were in the low 40's for a handful of nights in a row, with mostly cloudy skies during the days. This made for plenty of inside time and fly tying. But it also made for some very cold

25 12, 2018

Rockport Fishing Report – December 24th

Happy Holidays to everyone, and welcome to your Christmas Eve edition of the Rockport fishing report. While it may be Christmas, it sure hasn't felt like it down here on the flats of South Texas. But no complaints on our end, as we are just fine sharing our holiday season with some good folks, and a few redfish. As we approach the end of December, and our year, we have been blessed with outstanding weather. Sunny skies, easy winds and temps in the 70's have been the norm around Central Gulf Coast as of late. This had made for some very good Winter fishing. Water temps are great for the

11 12, 2018

Rockport Fishing Report – December 10th

We are a bit behind schedule, but finally coming back around with another Rockport fishing report for early December. We apologize for missing our report last week. But we are back on top of things to keep you updated on what we are seeing while fly fishing in Rockport, Texas and the surrounding waters. Since our last Rockport fishing report, things have been fairly slow. We've had quite a bit of cold weather, high winds and all that fun stuff. There were little glimpses of hope here and there, but most were very short lived. But clouds and stout winds were pretty much the norm for the past week.

30 11, 2018

Rockport Fishing Report – November 29th

The end of November is here and here is your last Rockport fishing report for the month. We are ending the month on a fairly high note, after enduring a bit of tougher weather earlier in the month. Hopefully these trends continue and things continue to fish well as we move ahead into December. Since our last Rockport fishing report, things have been pretty good on the Texas Coast. We did have a couple of tougher weather days, one of which was Thanksgiving Day. They weren't too awful though. Mainly just a good bit of North wind and some clouds. Not enough to change much around here really. The