Rockport Fishing Report – April 30th, 2017

//Rockport Fishing Report – April 30th, 2017
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The end of April is here, and with it, your final Rockport fishing report of the month. Let’s hope May brings us a little less wind. Also, let’s hope that the temps stay pretty much the same, so the fishing continues to be very good.

This past week fished very well. We had a couple days of pretty big wind, but fished through them none the less. Other than those couple days, the winds were pretty average. Nothing to worry about at all.

We did have a little water level change during last week, but again, nothing to worry about. A big North wind blew a bunch of water out of the system. But two days later, it was right back to normal after some steady winds from the Southwest. So no big issues there. But it did move a few fish around on a couple of days. But mostly, we continued to find a bunch of schooling fish when the water was a bit lower. This continued throughout many of the days.

Schools of tailing fish continue to be there each morning. Most are 5-10 fish. But occasionally you do see a school of 25+ fish. We are finding these fish everywhere from The Laguna Madre to Matagorda. But they are all in the same type of water. Mud, sparse grasses and working into the current or wind. Very predictable each day. They continue until close to noon most days, then kinda fizzle out after that.

As the day goes on, cruising fish aren’t hard to find. But we have been finding schooling fish here and there in the afternoons in the past week or so. Not a ton, but enough to keep it interesting and maybe get an occasional shot at late day tailers. This is more common for us in the waters we are fishing North of Rockport.

The fly selection remains the same. Most of our boats are doing best with crab patterns and dark colored gurglers on the surface at tailing fish. But we did experiment a little bit here and there this past week with a few things. Most worked just fine.

On another “gear related” note…

Big thanks to Echo Fly Fishing for shooting a few rods down to Texas. The new EPR is a cannon. We wish they would make it in a one-piece, but it is still a great fast action rod. Even better, we got to play with the Echo Bad Ass Glass rod. They sent an 8wt our way. It is a ton of fun for fighting our redfish! It throws the Airflo Tropical Punch very well, especially over-lined. Once you do hook a fish, the rod will completely bend in half during the fight. Its a ton of fun. We look forward to getting these rods in a few more peoples hands for sure.

Anyway, the weather for the upcoming week looks very similar. Low to mid 80’s, winds just shy of annoying and sunny. So I would expect your Rockport fishing report to be more of the same for the coming week as well. Of course we will keep you in the loop if our guides report any changes during the week. They will be on the water every day.

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat for the very latest news. We try to post something most every day. Or of course you can email any time for additional info or ask about what we did and where we did it that day. We will tell you where we fished and what we saw, as best we can.

Spring fishing is still hanging on, but for how long? Let’s hope Summer holds off for us a bit longer. So if you are interested in getting out on the water before the real heat sets in, contact us soon so you can secure your dates on the calendar.

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