Rockport Fishing Report – May 30th, 2017

//Rockport Fishing Report – May 30th, 2017
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So here is your final Rockport fishing report for the month of May. This month has flown by. Or maybe blown by is a better term??? Either way, its outta here and we are powering our way towards June and the summer months.

We were able to survive the holiday weekend. As expected, the water was crowded. Most of the agony was at the boat ramps, but it wasn’t too bad. Just lots of folks trying to get out on the water and enjoy their long weekend. Once in the water, hiding from the crowds wasn’t much of an issue. But we are still glad to see the holiday weekend go. And hopefully a few of the people as well.

The Rockport fishing report is still pretty solid though. Despite a couple wind events and smaller storms, things held together pretty well. Friday was our best day last week. There was a stout wind for sure. But the darker skies kept those fish schooling and there were lot’s of tails to throw at. Unfortunately the same could not be said for Saturday. The fish seemed to want or need a day off. They were a bit tougher to find that day. A few bank crashers and solo fish here and there, but that was about it. Tough sledding for sure. Sunday fished just fine, then we had a bit of weather to deal with today. So we enjoyed our day off and will live to fight another day.

Everyone agreed that the dark crab was still the fly to beat. Although the topwater offerings worked well on schooling fish as well. But tough to argue with the crab. That guy has just been getting it done for us day in and day out. So we are sticking with it.

The weather for this short work week is looking iffy. We have a few days with some solid thunderstorms in view. But it’s too early to tell if those will really transpire. We are hoping not, as the winds are actually looking pretty decent all week long. So we will be keeping an eye on the weather each day as we go forward. But now that we are moving on to June, one would expect that our Summer weather trends will begin to show. We could do without the extra heat, but welcome some calmer days out there. We’ve had enough wind for one Spring!

We have boats out all over the place this coming week. So we will post back again soon with any updates on what we are seeing and where we are fishing. We will continue to post our exploits, or follies, on  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat. We try to post something most every day, to keep you entertained while you are sitting in your office, wishing you were on the Texas flats. Or of course you can email any time for additional info or ask about what we did and where we did it that day. We will tell you where we fished and what we saw, as best we can.

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