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The Rockport Fishing Report is your source for current fly fishing conditions near Rockport, TX and the surrounding waters.

Rockport Fishing Report – March 14th, 2017

After slacking a little bit, here is an updated Rockport fishing report for mid March. We apologize for the delay, but things have been a bit hectic around here. So we are finally back to normal and able to update you on the Rockport fly fishing conditions we are seeing currently. Last week was a little tougher. We had less than perfect weather. Mainly a mixture of clouds, wind and a little bit of rain. On top of that, the water levels came up a good bit early in the week as well after a couple of storms. So this made for a couple of tricky days out there. We

Rockport Fishing Report – March 4th, 2017

It is the first weekend of March, and time for the first Rockport Fishing Report of the month. So far, the new month is not starting out so hot. So here comes a rather soggy Rockport fishing report for the weekend... So February is now long gone. Although we are missing the weather a little bit already. The month ended up being pretty solid. We were on the water well over 20 days last month. That's not too shabby for "Winter". Unfortunately, the first few days of March have been a little tougher. We are in the middle of a pretty solid storm blowing through as this Rockport fishing report

Rockport Fishing Report – February 25th, 2017

Welcome to your last Rockport fishing report for February! It certainly feels like Spring around here. So this new Rockport fishing report will reflect that as well. Fishing this past week was outstanding. One of those, "You shoulda been here last week" kind of deals for sure. It really was that good. As cheesy as it is to say that kind of thing... It truly was that good out there! The week started with Tuesday being the first day after a front blew threw. It blew 25-30 from the North all day, but was sunny. Phil (pictured above), was celebrating his birthday. So we were willing to go out and

Rockport Fishing Report – February 18th, 2017

So it appears that we got the website issues under control for earlier this week. Again, sorry to those that came looking for a fishing report and didn't find one up to date. But all is well now. So, here is you current Rockport fishing report for mid February. We had a little bit of weather early in the week. So that led to a couple of down days for the guides at Fly Fish Rockport. By Thursday though, things had snapped back into shape. Low winds and lots of sun greeted us Thursday morning, as well as some hungry fish. It fished really well that day, and continued through

Rockport Fishing Report – February 12th, 2017

Here is another Rockport fishing report for the week. Apparently someone decided to hack into the site and mess with the blog function. So we apologize if anyone has come looking for info and not been able to find it. On the brighter side though, the Rockport fishing reports are coming more frequently while we work this mess out. This weekend fished well. Temps continue to be nice and warm, which is great. But the wind the past couple days was a bit brutal. Had to work a little bit to get it done out there. But the fish were still there. So all went well. The mornings fished the

Rockport Fishing Report – January 28th, 2017

It's hard to believe that the end of the month is here already. So this will be the last Rockport fishing report for January. This month has been flying by. But February is right around the corner, and we are that much closer to a little warmer weather. But for now, the Rockport fishing report isn't too shabby. Wind has been the name of the game for the past week or more. A lot of wind. It started off last Sunday, with winds blowing upwards of 50 mph. We actually had a pretty nice day to follow on Monday, although we had a bunch of water blown out of the

Rockport Fishing Report – January 20th, 2017

After another pretty good week, here is an up to the minute Rockport fishing report for everyone. We weren't able to get out on the water every day with a bit of weather, but are finishing the week strong. Weather is improving, and so should our Rockport fishing report for the coming week. After a bit of stormy weather early in the week, we finally got a bit of a break. A few morning showers would linger a while, then give way to decent conditions in the afternoons. This made for some pretty good fishing, coming out of the storms. Plenty of fish moving around looking for food. Today (Friday)

Rockport Fishing Report – January 15th, 2017

Here is your mid January Rockport fishing report for Rockport, Texas and surrounding waters. With the first couple weeks of 2017 in the books already, we are already well on our way through the winter months here in Rockport and on the Texas Coast. Before you know, our temps will start warming up again. But until then, your Rockport fishing report is still in winter mode. The fishing the past week was pretty good. We had 6 straight days of heavy winds. This made for some tough sledding out there. But hats off to our brave folks who toughed it out each and every day this week, and caught some

Rockport Fishing Report – January 6th, 2017

Time for your weekend Rockport fishing report for the first week of 2017. And what better do we have to do, since the weather outside complete sucked today! And tomorrow isn't looking much better. But there is hope, and blue skies, on the horizon. Fishing this past week was outstanding. We had 3 days of completely warm and flat calm weather. It made for some excellent fishing. Aaron, pictured above, would completely agree. He and his father were in town for four days of fishing. Three of them were dead calm and blue skies. The other had a few clouds and manageable North wind. But there were more fish to

Rockport Fishing Report – January 1st, 2017

After slacking for most of the holidays, we are finally getting around to updating our Rockport fishing report. Nothing like ushering in the new year, with a little current information on what we are seeing out there as of late. So here is your first Rockport fishing report of 2017! The fishing has been very good. The weather, maybe not as much. So we are having you kind of pick and choose our days over the past two weeks. But when the weather cooperated, the fishing was very good. We managed to get out at least 4 days each week the past couple of weeks, despite a little funky weather